Elikon 535

The BeLomo Elikon 535 was first released in 1990 and continued until the late 90s. It is a very similar to the Agat 18k half frame, built at the same time, but has the features from the Agat 18, built from 1984-89. It is a very basic purely machanical camera. The camera's main features are:

35mm f/3.8 Minar-2 (3-group 3 element) lens, 1m-

Shutter speeds coupled to aperture, from 3.8 1/90 to 16 1/512
Size 103 x 68 x 45mm, Weight : 165 g
ISO 50-400, hot shoe flash connection, tripod socket

Front. Shutter release button, viewer. Lens cover closed. Exposure setting via weather symbols, aperture is indicated.

Lens cover open.

Seen from the back and above. Film rewind, hot shoe with cover, film counter. Viewer, film advance wheel.

Seen from below. ISO setting (moving the slider slides the exposure indication mark as well), rewind release, tripod socket. Exposure set for dark clouds.

Seen from below. Exposure set to F16. Symbols indicate wrong setting.

Camera open open.

Camera and its original box. This is a probably unused camera.

The camera and the box.

The Elikon 535 is a very light camera, easy to handle. The exposure system via symbols works astonishingly well. It might teach you some basics about the exposure of film. Exposure/aperture combinations according to the Russian Wikipedia are:

* intermediate settings

The camera takes sharp pictures. It's for outdoor photos. With 400 ISO film it might take well lit interiors not far from the window. There is a hot shoe for flash. No night photos, as 1/90 is the longest exposure time. So this is a beautiful vintage camera of limited use, but it's much fun.