Diana Mini

Diana Mini is a shrunken copy of the Diana F+ for 135 film. It is a basic plastic camera with a plastic lens and only the most basic features. For owners of a Diana F+ it is easy to use, the design and the features are the same. Its main features are:

24mm simple plastic menikus lens, ~F8, F11, 4-zone focus 0,6n, 1-2m, 2-4m, 4m-
Shutter ~1/60, B
Size 101x70x60,  Weight 140 gr.
2 frame sizes via switch,
24x24mm (36 exp.) and 24x17mm (72 exp., half frame), lens equivalent 30mm for sqare and 35mm for half frame, frame counter, cable release thread

Camera front. viewer window, distance scale around the lens and shutter release. The cable release thread is under the lens.

Camera back. Film format switch, viewer, frame counter, film adwance knob.

Camera top. Flash socket and film advance.

Camera bottom. Tripod socket, back cover release and film rewind.

The basic set.

Film compartment.

Camera and third party flash with adapter to diana socket.

Flash mounted.

The Diana F+ Mini is a basic plastic camera with only one speed, no automatic exposure, no automatic film advance, no autofocus, not even a rangefinder, cheaply made plastic lenses that produce heavy vignetting and random results. As for the Diana F+, I don't think about measuring, I guess and I try. So for me the Mini is a nice find.

I got mine in near new condition with the original box, a third party flash and the flash adapter for a small sum on a flea market. So it was worth a try.