Diana F+ Gold

Diana F+ Gold is a fancy version of the Diana F+. It is identical except its golden coating and a heavy golden chain instead of a cheap plastic strap. If you go out with this camera, you will get a lot of attention. Be prepared. I could not resist buying it when I came across an unused one on a flea market for next to nothing. The former owner, a shy young lady, got it as a present, but she was ashamed to show it in public.

Its main features are:

75mm simple plastic menikus lens, ~F8, F16, F22, 3-zone focus 1-2m, 2-4m, 4m-, 0,35-0,7m in close focus mode. Pinhole setting F128
Shutter ~1/60, B
Size 125x95x76,  Weight 200 gr.
2 frame masks, 
42x42mm and 46.5x46.5mm, golden hook to block shutter in B position

Camera front.

Camera back. Red window.

Gold and white spendour.

Even the cap matches..

In its blister.

A fun version of the Diana. A collectors must-have. The golden coating seems to be quite resistant, so you can really have your show-off in public if you want.